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Thank your customers through your phone system

Monday, January 16, 2012

As a business owner, you should never be stingy when it comes to giving gratitude to customers who continue to support your business. Thank them by giving them an improved customer service through the powerful RingCentral business communication suite.

Call Controller

Manage calls more easily from the RingCentral Call Controller, a desktop application that is free to download for all Ringcentral subscribers. Through it, you can:

Make and receive calls;
odify call routing rules;
Monitor calls and messages as they happen in real time;
Change and update auto-attendant and voicemail greetings; and
Send and receive Internet faxes

All these features lessen the time it takes for you to provide excellent customer service. It is efficient and easily accessible, enabling you to give what each of your customers deserve – quality service.

IP Phones

RingCentral provides users with only the best IP desk and conference phones in the industry. These are all equipped with one-touch commands that are commonly used in VoIP phone systems. Simply plug them to your Internet connection and start making and receiving calls.

RingCentral for your smartphone

If you mean business, you should provide customer service to clients regardless of whether you are in the car or in your office. RingCentral understands that, and so it has created the perfect companion for the business owner who’s on the go, the RingCentral Mobile app. It’s like your whole phone system in your smartphone – make and receive calls with your business number, read faxes, listen to voicemail messages. It is a highly effective tool that will help you communicate to your customers that you value them highly.

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