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How to Not Worry and Love Your Business Phone Service

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Investing in a business phone service is a given for any enterprise. There is simply no question of whether or not an organization should spend for one. The greater concern is getting a professional telecommunication service that offers more bang for one’s buck. The service provider should not only include your business phone line – attached to an 800 or local number depending on your preference – but also the specialized features designed to streamline how the phone system for your business works. If possible, the service should put the most advanced and user-friendly tools and phone devices at your disposal so that you can have absolute control over your work.

Of course, most professionals and businessmen with modest firms often also find themselves stuck with modest means – and inevitably with a business phone service that is at best worrying, and at worst bad for business. What should be done about this?

1. Get an affordable phone service that has a reputation for quality – There are many telephone service providers for business that are easy on the pocket, but not all of them offer the kind of service quality that give professionals should get out of their work phone system. Investing in a provider like RingCentral, which has won industry awards, lets you know that you are dealing with a company that believes in high standards for service.
2. Take time to tinker with your phone features and devices – Try to take some time to evaluate and examine the phone features and devices you’re getting out of the service. Tinkering allows you to become comfortable with your system, leading to more creative communication and business branding. It also lets you know if the service works with or against your operations so you can make the necessary adjustments.
3. Make the calls – The support team of the service exists for a reason. Take advantage of them and call whenever you have concerns or questions about the business phone service that they are offering you. Not only do they have answers to your questions, they can also walk you through the best means of optimizing your system for your needs. This helps you take better control of your telecommunications.

Love your phone service the way you love your business. Choose a telephone service that you can more than trust – and that makes your life that much easier.

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Get 800 Number Cell Phones

Thursday, April 7, 2011

800 number cell phones may sound like they are impossibilities, but they're actually more common today that you could imagine. Thanks to the power of the virtual toll free phone number offered with every RingCentral Mobile package, any businessman can now harness the benefits of having a 1-800 number even if his only communication device is his mobile phone.

With the special features that come with each RingCentral 800 number, cell phones can now receive business-related phone calls from clients, customers or co-workers. It does not matter whether you are sitting at a cafe or en route to another engagement; the calls will reach either you or your voicemail.

The system is so advanced that it even displays caller ID; provided that you have made your professional contact address book available on your online account, you will always know who is calling you through your business number. You can even ensure that your business identity and company number will be shown as the caller ID whenever you use your cellular phone to call people or to return calls.

800 number cell phones are here today and here to stay, so why not use it to maximize your business communication? Visit RingCentral.Com to make your mobile phone 800 number friendly.

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