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Hold It! The Importance of On Hold Functions

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not everyone can pick up the phone as soon as it rings, and even the assistance of an automated attendant or call routing won't effectively reassure callers that their calls will be answered or, at the very least, handled. This is why music on hold has become a staple among business phone systems: not only do they reassure callers that they are still connected to an organization via phone, they also keep callers entertained. This way, potential customers and clients will stay on the line for as long as possible before being connected to the appropriate department or (on extremely busy days) voicemail.

Equally important to actually having music on hold is using music on hold to your advantage. It isn't enough that you play music for your customers over the phone while they wait - you should play music that they would potentially like. As the blogger Neil Pasricha declared in one of his posts on his blog 1000 Awesome Things, really good on hold music does a lot to make a caller happier. This, in turn, makes them associate your business with good feeling, which can inspire loyalty among them. It's a good thing.

With that in mind, take the time to carefully choose the music you want your callers to hear while they're waiting for their calls to be routed to the right extension. It's not very difficult, especially when you're using RingCentral for all your business phone needs. Simply log in to your RingCentral account, click on "Music On Hold" under "Call Settings", and edit or replace the music your system is using. And because RingCentral phone technology is highly-advanced, you can have different on hold music for every type of caller depending on time and on the day. And you can have as many different on hold music "playlists" as the number of your business extensions. Just remember to keep them as cohesive as possible to maintain your brand image.

Add a few messages such as reminders, announcements and important information at regular intervals based on the identity of the caller or the extension being contacted, and your on hold system becomes an effective marketing tool.

With all these possibilites at your fingertips, wouldn't it be best if you use your on hold functions to their full potential?

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