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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Established and start-up small businesses alike benefit from the professional image that a good private business exchange or PBX system does for them. The special protocols of a company's PBX system are meant to streamline business operations so that they could run like well-oiled machines. This is why it's very important for business owners to profile potential PBX systems before they commit to one - they need to make sure that their phone system is precisely suited to their needs.

Award-winning VoIP product and service provider RingCentral allows new clients test run its PBX services with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, business owners can determine for themselves if the RingCentral cloud-based PBX service is the right fit for their organization.

For a full month, a business can make use of high-quality RingCentral PBX features such as call forwarding and internet fax service for a very small reimbursible fraction of their capital.

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Sterling Service Anywhere

Monday, August 16, 2010

A major concern of any businessman - particularly the start-up businessman - is striking the proper balance between internal and external efficiency. Any entrepreneur can tell aspiring business owners that new organizations can be very chaotic: a considerable number of unofficial contact details (specifically home phone and home fax numbers) are handed out to potential clients as a means of becoming more accessible without taking a big chunk out of the business capital. Ironically, this not only leads to internal and external organizational confusion, but also limits opportunities for the kind of excellent customer service that leads to client loyalty.

RingCentral offers integrated service solutions for new and small businesses by providing them with a practical and cost-effective means of communicating client concerns with each other. By integrating an advanced digital PBX phone system into their regular operations, RingCentral helps young businesses create a highly-organized, easily-accessible virtual office. With special upgraded features like call forwarding, fax service, and specialized voice mail, client communication can easily reach pertinent departments or individuals in the organization, no matter where they are - and the relevant persons can provide the clients with quick, reliable service from anywhere.

New businesses, no matter how small, could stand out with excellent customer service. All they need is an excellent phone system - and that is what RingCentral can give them.

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