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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If you have a small office, you probably think that you do not need any phone system. You may have been used to talking with your team through your personal cell phones. Maybe you have experienced calling in your office, looking for a person, and taking forever before you finally hear that person talk on the other end.

These are problems which can be addressed by getting a virtual PBX from RingCentral. You may think that a phone system is too ambitious for a small business, but RingCentral will surely change your mind about PBX.

Gone are the days when you have to buy expensive phone units and install equipment in every office corner for your phone system to happen. RingCentral works virtually, eliminating the need for you to buy any equipment or phone unit.

Once you sign up, you get your RingCentral number. You can access this number online, and then start connecting your cell phones and land lines as virtual extensions. This way, you can easily reach the person that you need by simply dialing their extension number.

Efficient communications need not be expensive and complicated. RingCentral has already solved these problems so you can maximize your time and resources.

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