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Monday, February 13, 2012

That’s how RingCentral works. In a world where everything seems to be complex and demanding, RingCentral promises easy-to-acquire and easier-to-manage phone systems to start-ups, mobile professionals and home businesses.

Simple to acquire: RingCentral offers clients affordable pricing plans that are inclusive of all the features and functions you need to run a successful business. Simply give us a call and we’ll give you the package that best suits your current business size and budget. And when it’s time to upgrade, you won’t have to unsubscribe just to get a higher plan; your business phone system grows with you.

Simple to set up: As soon as you subscribe, you will get your own local or toll free number and use it instantly. There’s no need to wait for a technical staff to arrive at your office and set up wires and phone units. All you need is your communication tools and our plug-and-play IP phones, together with your own RingCentral Call Controller, and you’re good to go!

Simple to operate: All RingCentral features are easily modifiable through an online account or through the Call Controller. This means that you can set upi your phone system and change its settings on the fly, as long as you have an Internet connection. This translates to more mobility, more flexibility, and definitely more convenience for you.

Call us now and ask for a free trial, to test drive the simplest yet most powerful small business phone system today.

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Where do you see your business five years from now?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hopefully at the top, successful and dominating the market. But what really is success, and how does one get there? Because if it we’re easy, then it’d be crowded at the top. But you know very well that the opposite is true. Here are some tips and tricks that you can adopt to strengthen your business and hasten your journey to success:

· Have a goal. Imagine a skilled archer with a bow and a stash of arrows, but with nothing to shoot at. Targets that point to a single goal will help you spend your efforts right, so have a goal as early as possible. Sit down with the core group of your business and work your way down to the details.

· Have a bow and an arrow. In other words, have tools that will help you achieve success. Start with the best phone system from RingCentral and equip your employees with an always-on presence for clients and business partners. Harness its capabilities and features to stay ahead of the game.

· Have a strategy. You may think that you goal can be achieved through old and boring shots, but you may be surprised at how through brainstorming you can come up with amazing strategies that will speed up your way to success. It may be upgrading your productivity tools in the office, or maybe just coming up with a unique packaging for your products. List them all and prioritize accordingly.

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Be radical to be relevant

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unless you just figured out the cure to cancer, you and your idea might just have to survive in a saturated landscape. The New Year always marks the highest when it comes to getting a new business phone number or a fax line. A lot of entrepreneurs launch businesses in the hopes that they will make it, and they will make it big. But come second quarter and they start closing shop even before they get to the first lap of the race.

Can you really make sure that you’ll make it? Not really, but you’ll have bigger chances if your idea is radical, something that’s uniquely yours. Most business landscapes today seemed to have flatlined, as all innovations has already been done, all gimmicks created and then copied. But the operative word is seemed, and it means that it’s not all done.

If you know that you have something to offer, that people will love your idea, your product or your service, then all you need is a strong marketing and branding strategy to be on your way to success. But if your business is just like the others, you need more than just making yourself known. Stand out using your phone system. Use features such as:

·         Toll free number. So what if you’re only n online shop run in the basement of your house? Get a toll free number from RingCentral to make it look like you have a huge office with the best employees. With affordable pricing plans and convenient call management options, you can attract more customers without giving yourself the unnecessary expense and hassle.
·         Visual voicemail. How often do customers get return calls after only minutes of leaving a voicemail message? Give your clients a different customer service experience through visual voicemail on your smartphone! You will be notified through a text and an email whenever there’s a new message in your mailbox, which you can then access right on your mobile phone. If it’s something urgent (or if you’re not doing anything), you can immediately return the call and impress clients. 

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Getting more clients through a RingCentral phone system

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aside from being a reliable communication system, you can also use your RingCentral Office or Mobile account to get more clients. Here’s how:

·         Call logs. RingCentral catches all the phone numbers of your callers, giving you a list of prospect customers you can follow up on. All calls received are recorded, together with information such as time and date of call and duration. Call logs are accessible online by logging in with an account number and a password.     

·         Call Controller. The Call Controller is exclusive to RingCentral subscribers, providing users with a softphone application they can use to instantly make and receive calls right on their desktop computers. It also gives users access to the call logs and call management settings. With the Call Controller, your computer turns into your whole phone system. You will be able to entertain more callers who can turn into paying customers.  

·         Affordable toll free number. You can now afford a toll free number with RingCentral Office or Mobile. Pricing plans are very affordable, and you don’t need a complicated on-premise system just to manage the high call volume. Call minutes are also priced much lower than traditional toll free systems, so that even the smallest home business can afford having a professional toll free number backed up by a professional phone system by RingCentral.   

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Thank your customers through your phone system

Monday, January 16, 2012

As a business owner, you should never be stingy when it comes to giving gratitude to customers who continue to support your business. Thank them by giving them an improved customer service through the powerful RingCentral business communication suite.

Call Controller

Manage calls more easily from the RingCentral Call Controller, a desktop application that is free to download for all Ringcentral subscribers. Through it, you can:

Make and receive calls;
odify call routing rules;
Monitor calls and messages as they happen in real time;
Change and update auto-attendant and voicemail greetings; and
Send and receive Internet faxes

All these features lessen the time it takes for you to provide excellent customer service. It is efficient and easily accessible, enabling you to give what each of your customers deserve – quality service.

IP Phones

RingCentral provides users with only the best IP desk and conference phones in the industry. These are all equipped with one-touch commands that are commonly used in VoIP phone systems. Simply plug them to your Internet connection and start making and receiving calls.

RingCentral for your smartphone

If you mean business, you should provide customer service to clients regardless of whether you are in the car or in your office. RingCentral understands that, and so it has created the perfect companion for the business owner who’s on the go, the RingCentral Mobile app. It’s like your whole phone system in your smartphone – make and receive calls with your business number, read faxes, listen to voicemail messages. It is a highly effective tool that will help you communicate to your customers that you value them highly.

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Top features you need in a PBX

Monday, January 9, 2012

Web-based call management. Don’t you sometimes feel limited by your office phone? New PBX systems now feature call management dashboards which can be accessed online. Upon login, users can monitor existing calls, extension numbers, voicemail messages and Internet fax documents. This provides more control on communications.

Enhanced voicemail. You need so much more than a voicemail number. RingCentral provides users with professional voicemail greetings that will help you communicate your company’s brand and credibility in the industry.

Virtual extensions. Have more streamlined communications within your team by assigning virtual extension numbers to each key person or department. Choose which RingCentral plan can accommodate the number of extensions you need, and upgrade your plan as you grow. Since the extensions are virtual, it means that you don’t have to buy phone units and have them installed in your office. Calls to extensions are instead routed to whatever phone they use and based on the call routing rules that your employees create.

Internet fax. A complete PBX package recognizes the need for an intelligent faxing capability. When you subscribe to RingCentral, not only will you have your own toll free or local number, but you will also have the ability to use your number to send and receive faxes. Documents arrive in your mailbox as digital files that you can save in your local folders. This improves file handling, and also slashes communication costs significantly.

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Gear up for the New Year

Monday, January 2, 2012

If you still haven’t huddled with your team and laid out new plans for the year, then you should do it now, while everybody is in high hopes about the incoming year. Harness everything you have, from your website to your phone system, and of course, your team of employees. Here are some tips that can help you jumpstart the New Year:

More online presence

Get everybody involved in this. Have them talk about your company, product or service using their personal social media accounts. This will increase awareness and will also significantly improve your brand. Why not create a social media team that will take care of promoting your business in various websites? Create accounts for your business, where people can easily be informed of product updates or promos.

Better communications

Improving business communications should be your goal year after year. After all, the available technology just gets better and better, so why not maximize all the tools that you can? Achieve better customer service by strengthening your team and by using an advanced phone system with intelligent call routing. Your phone system need not be expensive, though. With VoIP systems, high call volume does not translate to expensive call costs.


Train your employees to become better professionals. After all, your company is but a reflection of the people in it. Conduct trainings, give and get feedback, and work on areas that need improvement. Enlist everybody in your goal of becoming more successful this year, and make it a point that your team also experiences the success that your company gets.

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